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Crypto for All Humanity

Pan is currently at a very early stage where our aim is to help existing cryptocurrencies gain greater adoption through experiments in select locations.

1 Billion New Crypto Users

india familyThe Pan project aims to add 1 billion new users to the cryptocurrency ecosystem within 5 years, double developing world GDP within 10 years, spark an economic growth miracle among the 5 billion members of the global poor and increase the resiliency of the cryptocurrency ecosystem so that the coming global cryptocurrency regulation scheme is more like the Japanese model and less like the BitLicense.

A Unique Moment for New Solutions

The global mass population has lost trust in their national institutions — governments, corporations, media and non-profit organizations — in 20 of 28 countries surveyed in the 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer, and trust levels are declining in 21 of 28 countries. The World Bank says that its poverty reduction goals can not be met with current levels of economic growth. The cryptocurrency community faces the spectre of a global cryptocurrency regulation scheme. The time is right to grab the initiative, get billions of the global poor — entrepreneurs and hard workers of the informal economy who have been excluded from the globalizing world economy — into the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Crypto must grow, and the informal economy is the largest, yet most fragmented, marketplace in the world. As such, they represent a unique opportunity at a unique moment where new solutions are being sought.

A Gateway Coin

Pan is many things but first and foremost a prosperity network, with a staged, incentivized and gamified airdrop of a new cryptocurrency (easy-to-use digital cash) and a reputation and social media network that incentivizes Pan participants to connect with and leverage the greater cryptocurrency ecosystem for economic growth.

80% of Humanity

80% of humanity lives on less than $10 per day. 1.8 billion use drinking water that puts them at risk of polio, cholera, typhoid and dysentery. 5 million people, mostly children, die each year from water-borne diseases. 800 million people, 300 million of which are children, do not have enough food to eat. 90% of these 300 million children are enduring long-term malnourishment. “The poor are hungry and their hunger traps them in poverty,” as The World Food Programme has argued. Global poverty is simply unacceptable.

The Global Poor are not so Poor

But the 5 billion global poor are not defenseless. They are mostly just undocumented. Legacy middlemen, such as banks and governments, have excluded the poor from the global marketplace. The assets of the global poor are actually many times greater in value than those of the globalizing first world. But these assets are registered on fragmented and disconnected informal ledgers that preclude them from being leveraged to finance development.

Leadership Falls to the People

Legacy middlemen can not be trusted to take a leading role in the blockchain evolution or the elimination of global poverty and informality. We the people, ourselves, must take the lead. Legacy middlemen may follow, but they have squandered their opportunity for leadership and only proven that they wish to exclude the poor from globalization.

We Envision…

Pan: crypto for all humanityWe envision a world where the global informal, or extralegal, economy, with its 5 billion participants, becomes the global blockchain economy and lets loose a torrent of economic growth that will materially resolve persistent problems like poverty, malnutrition, early death, sex trafficking, slavery and more.

We envision a world in which every human being has an immediate financial stake in the economic system, and can immediately have in a liquid form their human capability and economic potential — their capital — so that they can add to the global culture.

We envision a world with 1 billion new Pan cryptocurrency users within 5 years of the launch of Pan, where these users actively participate in a wide range of cryptocurrency projects, where cryptocurrency adoption is no longer a subject for concern but a reality, where we are experiencing a doubling of developing world GDP within 10 years of the launch of Pan, and have effectively eradicated poverty within 25 years.

We envision a world in which the crypto economy is solving all the problems governments and other middlemen have not solved, and where the cryptocurrency ecosystem enjoys unprecedented respect and influence on the global stage as a result.

Join us

Pan is not charity. Pan is not “hope for the poor.” Pan is an opportunity to connect the crypto economy with the informal economy, and have both profit. Pan is an unbreakable network for telling a new story about prosperity in the 21st century.

Join us as a core team member, co-founder, advisor, ambassador or ally, and play a leading role in eliminating global poverty, sparking an economic growth miracle, onboarding the next billion cryptocurrency users and shielding the cryptocurrency ecosystem against the coming global crypto regulation scheme.


George Donnelly

George Donnelly


Entrepreneur, science fiction author, liberty activist, marketing consultant, vlogger, Unix systems administrator, EFL teacher, UChicago grad and 17-year resident of Latin America. Based in Medellín, Colombia.
David Mondrus

David Mondrus

Advisor / Co-founder

A 20-year veteran of the NYC dotcom startup scene, David has founded and participated in a number of Bitcoin projects. David is currently CEO of Trive, a cryptocurrency platform for determining the truth or falsehood of information, such as news.


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