Prosperity is the new human birthright

The Pan Manifesto: Crypto for All Humanity

crypto + informal economy = Pan

the gateway coin

  • 1 billion new cryptocurrency users within 5 years
  • double developing world GDP within 10 years
  • buffer crypto from global regulation
  • end global poverty within 25 years

The Tip of the Mass Adoption Spear

Crypto + Informal economy = Pan

prosperity social network

Social Network

Pan participants tell their growth stories, inspiring each other through user psychology to build attachment and wealth.
digital cash

Gamified Airdrop

The initial coin distribution is a new human birthright distributed through incentivized actions that build the Pan network.

Web-of-Trust Identity

Biometrics plus verifications from fellow participants bootstraps community-based ID.

Business Education

A self-serve Crypto University that enables the poor to escape poverty and lead prosperous lives.


Participant reviews and records of actions, both constructive and not, generate a reputation score.
property registry

Property Registry

Connect the fragmented ledgers of the informal economy to liberate the poor’s capital.
asia market

A Unique Opportunity

  • Trust for national institutions is declining in 21 of 28 countries surveyed.
  • Current poverty reduction results are falling short says The World Bank.
  • Informal economy ledgers are fragmented and ripe for blockchainization.
  • Cryptocurrency regulation threatens to go global.
  • Crypto must grow.
The poor inhabitants of these nations — five-sixths of humanity — do have things, but they lack the process to represent their property and create capital. They have houses but not titles; crops but not deeds; businesses but not statutes of incorporation. It is the unavailability of these essential representations that explains why people who have adapted every other Western invention, from the paper clip to the nuclear reactor, have not been able to produce sufficient capital to make their domestic capitalism work.
Hernando de Soto

Economist and author of "The Mystery of Capital"

The Global Informal Economy

  • The informal economy comprises 5 billion people.
  • The global poor are its backbone, and operate outside of nation-state-approved markets because they are excluded from participation in the legal economy.
  • The informal economy constitutes more than half of total employment in developing countries, and 90 percent in South Asia and Africa.
  • The informal economy is more than 1/3 of the developing world’s GDP.
  • The global poor own the majority of the world’s assets but they lack the financial system to leverage it.

The global poor will to find a way for their fragmented ledgers to interoperate. When they do, they will unleash an unstoppable wave of economic growth. Helping the global undocumented achieve the equity they require to experience rapid economic growth is going to be both fun and profitable for for every human being.

young boy

Poverty is Unacceptable

  • 80% of humanity lives on less than $10 per day.
  • 1.8 billion use drinking water that puts them at risk of polio, cholera, typhoid and dysentery.
  • 5 million people, mostly children, die each year from water-borne diseases.
  • 800 million people, 300 million of which are children, do not have enough food to eat.
  • 90% of these 300 million children are enduring long-term malnourishment.
The poor are hungry and their hunger traps them in poverty.
The World Food Programme

Pan is not charity. Pan is not “hope for the poor.”

Pan is the crypto economy meets the informal economy. Both profit.

Leadership Falls to us

  • Legacy middlemen, such as banks, refuse to serve the poor.
  • Governments had their chance to maintain trustworthy ledgers.
  • NGOs are focused on saving lives, not changing the system.
  • Crypto stands to profit the most from partnering with the global poor.
Join Pan as a core team member, co-founder, advisor, ambassador or ally, and play a leading role in eliminating global poverty, sparking an economic growth miracle, onboarding the next billion cryptocurrency users and shielding the cryptocurrency ecosystem against the coming global crypto regulation scheme.
Pan: an unbreakable network for telling a new story about prosperity
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